Beautitarian Velour Lip 4gr

  • 99.000,00
- -99.000,00

Nomor Notifikasi BPOM:

  • NA18181310331 (Nude Aptitude) 
  • NA18191305317 (Ready To Go)
  • NA18181310332 (Somepink Special)

Introducing Velour Lip, a lip cream with vitamin E that delivers velvety, creamy and pigmented formula.

Nude Aptitude:

This color will be everyone’s favorite since it has pink undertone which can make everyone who use it looks fresher with or without any other makeup. People who love nude lip color described as an honest, pure, and shy person. In fact, nude lipstick can boost up your confidence, elevate your mood and make up your day.

Ready To Go:

Red lips never goes wrong. The need for being bold and confident is irresistible. People also describe the red lips as part of sexiness. With blueish brown undertone, this color is not only will make you feel more confident, but it also will make you feel better and sexier.

Somepink Special:

You will love this color because it looks sweet and describe your pesonality as bubbly, lovely and optimistic person.
This lip cream has warm brown undertone which suitable for people who have yellow, golden, olive hue undertone.